Registry of CLH intentions until outcome

Registry of CLH intentions until outcome

Registry of CLH intentions until outcome

The registry of classification and labelling (CLH) intentions until outcome lists the intentions and proposals received by ECHA for a new or revised harmonised classification and labelling of a substance. The proposals are submitted by Member State competent authorities, manufacturers, importers or downstream users.  

Interested parties can follow the progress of a proposal through the CLH process, from the notification of the intention to the adoption of the opinion of the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC). The advance notice enables interested parties to plan and prepare for commenting later on.

Anyone with relevant information on the identity or hazard properties of a substance is encouraged to provide this information to the dossier submitter during the early stages of the process, or at the latest during the consultation.

Where an opinion has been adopted by RAC, the status is indicated as ‘Opinion Adopted’.

Note: The classification tables for those substances that have been reviewed are listed in the ‘Corrigenda to the RAC opinions’ document.

Pentapotassium bis(peroxymonosulphate) bis(sulphate)

EC / List no: 274-778-7 CAS no: 70693-62-8
CLP Annex VI Index number
Further substance information
trihydrogen pentapotassium di(peroxomonosulfate) di(sulfate)
Opinion Adopted
Date of intention
Expected date of submission
Submitted for accordance check
Final submission date
Withdrawal date
Legal deadline for opinion adoption
Submitter's email
Harmonised classification at the time of the proposal
Specific concentration limits at the time of the proposal
Proposed harmonised classification by the dossier submitter
Acute Tox. 4, H302
Skin Corr. 1, H314
Eye Dam. 1, H318
Aquatic Acute 1, H400
Aquatic Acute 1, M-factor=1
Aquatic Chronic 3, H412
Proposed specific concentration limits by the dossier submitter
oral: ATE = 500 mg/kg bw
Regulatory programme
Active substance in Biocidal Products
The labelling with EUH208 “Contains dipotassium peroxodisulphate (CAS 7727-21-1). May produce allergic reaction” apply unless it can be shown that the maximum concertation of impurity dipotassium peroxodisulphate is less than 0.1 %.
Start of consultation
Deadline for commenting
Hazard classes open for commenting
Flammable solid
Pyrophoric solid
Self-heating substance or mixture
Oxidising solid
Acute toxicity
Skin corrosion/irritation
Serious eye damage/eye irritation
Respiratory sensitisation
Skin sensitisation
Germ cell mutagenicity
Reproductive toxicity
Specific target organ toxicity — single exposure
Specific target organ toxicity — repeated exposure
Hazardous to the aquatic environment
Hazardous for the ozone layer
CLH report
Annexes to the CLH report
Date of opinion
RAC Opinion
Background document
RCOM (Comments received)
Attachments received during consultation (excluding journal articles)
Minority opinion(s)
Other annexes
ATP number and date
Link to ATP
Latest update
First published