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experimental study
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Toxicologic characteristics of thiourea and its dioxide
Zhislin LE, Ovetskaia NM
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Gig Tr Prof Zabol. 1972, Jun; 16(6) 51-52 (russ.) (Gigiena truda i professional'nye zabolevaniia] Toxline citation:

Materials and methods

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health record from industry
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other: morbidity
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An attempt was made to analyze the morbidity with temporary loss of working ability by the employees of thiourea dioxide (TUD) shop during 2 years (85 people are employed in the shop, about half of whom is constantly engaged in the production).
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Results and discussion

The analysis did not reveal a significant incidence of sensitivity in its level and structure. According to the number of cases per 100 employees, the morbidity in the shop was slightly lower than average plant morbidity. In the analysis of incidence in relation to the profession and experience, it was found that the machine operators and the workers with experience of more than 5 years were sick more often compared to the group with the
experience of up to 5 years. This suggests the influence on morbidity of the working conditions in the shop. In analyzing the structure of morbidity, the attention was paid to diseases of the thyroid gland, but no case of temporary incapacity on this occasion in the shop for 2 years was observed. We can note some increased incidence of diseases of female genitals of the shop workers.

Applicant's summary and conclusion

In chronic inhalation exposure of white rats with thiourea (TU) and thiourea dioxide (TUD) aerosols, the possibility of adverse effects on the body is established, so it is necessary to take measures not to let these substances in the body of the workers in a production environment (de-dusting activities, work in respirators, etc.).
Executive summary:

A evaluation study on effects of thiourea dioxide (TUD) in 100 workers at TUD production over more than five years exhibited an increased incidence of morbidity on the health of the workers, but without significant effect.