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Isotianil accumulated in bluegill sunfish with a total residue bioconcentration factor of 233 and 244 respectively for whole fish. The total residue bioconcentration factor is calculated as the mean accumulation factor observed during steady state (sum of radio-labelled compounds, isotianil parent, metabolites and unextractable radioactivity). In case of this study the mean accumulation factor for the measurement days 7 - 28 were used for calculation of the total residue bioconcentration factor. When exposure ceases, the residues were depurated with a half-life of 0.744 – 0.876 days for the 0.0300 and 0.300 mg/L exposure groups, respectively. After 14 days in uncontaminated water 97.5 % (nominal concentration of 0.0300 mg/L) and 97.6% (nominal concentration of 0.300 mg/L) of the mean plateau radioactivity were depurated from whole fish. 95% of the mean plateau radioactivity has been depurated from whole fish after 3.22 (0.0300 mg/L) respectively 3.79 (0.300 mg/L) days.

Accumulation of total residues in edible parts is less (57.7 and 91.6) as observed in whole fish (233 and 244).

Taking into account that in edible parts of the fish 67.2% of the TRR (sample day 14) were identified as parent compound and in viscera 39.8% of the TRR (sample day 14), the steady-state-BCF for parent (based on whole fish, wet weight) is 121, the steady-state-BCF for parent (normalised to 5% lipid content) in the 0.300 mg/L test level is 72.