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CCI12778, (9,11-Epoxide) a chemical previously tested in vivo for steroid-related pharmacology demonstrated a lack of hormonally-related activity. GSK2609973A and CCI12778 are both epoxide-containing structures and possess a similar low level of activity in the NFkB-Human-Inhibition-ELAMSPAP-A549 test. Furthermore, neither induced significant reduction in the size of mouse local lymph nodes when applied to the ear. 

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Taking account of the small package of studies with GSK2609973A and close structural similarity to substances for which a more complete dataset exists, it is considered justified to use a read-across approach to address any outstanding data-gaps for this material. 

A screening test conducted by GSK R&D Screening and Compound Profiling did not identify significant glucocorticoid activity. Potency was less than 10-fold that of corticosterone, which is regarded as having relatively weak potency within this class. A similar level of activity in vitro was obtained with another epoxide containing steroid, (CCI12778, ‘9,11-Epoxide’). This compound showed no evidence of steroidal activity in a 7-day intradermal study in mice. The local lymph node assay in mice showed no reduction in stimulation index, nor shrinkage of lymph nodes, which with other compounds has been indicative of potent corticosteroid-type activity from dermal contact.