Registration Dossier

Administrative data

First-aid measures

Inhalation Move to fresh air. Seek medical attention if you feel unwell or if exposure prolonged.
Skin contact Remove contaminated clothing. Wash affected skin with soap and plenty of water.
Eye contact Rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Ingestion Wash out mouth with water. Drink plenty of water.

Seek medical attention if you feel unwell or if exposure prolonged

Fire-fighting measures

Suitable extinguishing agents Water spray, foam, powder, carbon dioxide.
Restrictions No restrictions.
Main combustion gas Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
Protective Equipment Self contained breathing apparatus and full protective suit.

Accidental release measures

Personal protection Wear protective equipment, keep unprotected persons away.
Environmental precautions Prevent entry into drains and surface water.
Spillage procedure Damp down. Avoid dust. Scoop into marked containers for disposal as chemical waste. Flush residues away with water.

Handling and storage

Occupational hygiene - Avoid ingestion, inhalation, skin and eye contact. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene practice and any legal requirements.
Fire precautions - Keep containers securely sealed. Avoid build up of dust.
Keep away from sources of ignition, no smoking.

Storage facilities Store in a cool, dry area with adequate ventilation
Segregation Store away from oxidizing agents.

Transport information

Land transport (ADR/RID)

UN number:
None - not classified
Shippingopen allclose all
SpecialProvisionsopen allclose all

Inland waterway transport (ADN(R))

UN number:
None -not applicable
Shippingopen allclose all
Remarksopen allclose all

Marine transport (IMDG)

UN number:
None - not classified
Remarksopen allclose all

Air transport ICAO/IATA

UN number:
None - not classified
Remarksopen allclose all
SpecialProvisionsopen allclose all

Exposure controls / personal protection

Components with occupational exposure limits: No Data, ensure adequate ventilation
Occupational exposure controls: Usual precautionary measures associated with chemical handling. Keep away from foodstuffs.
General Personal Protection: Protective work clothing, goggles and gloves. Use breathing protection with high concentrations.

Stability and reactivity

Conditions to avoid: Heat, light. No decomposition if used according to specifications.
Materials to avoid: Strong acids, oxidizing agents.
Hazardous decomposition products: May liberate carbon monoxide/dioxide on thermal decomposition.
Additional information: None

Disposal considerations

Product disposal Observe local regulations for proper disposal.
Contaminated packaging Contaminated packing material should be disposed of identically to the product itself. Uncontaminated packing material should be treated as household waste or as recycling material