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There were only two studies that described exposure and toxicity of nickel carbonate in livestock (included under Repeated Dose Toxicity section of IUCLID and CSR). The two studies available were aimed at evaluating the effects of exposures to nickel carbonate via feed on growth, feed utilization, and tissue aberrations in male bovine, as well as milk production, milk composition, animal health or feed consumption in lactating cows. Male cows exposed to 250 ppm (and higher) nickel carbonate in feed for eight weeks had reduced growth rates and feed intake (O’Dell et al. 1970a). The same group of investigators (O’Dell et al., 1970b) fed lactating cows nickel carbonate via the diet over a six-week period. Very little of the dietary nickel was detected in the milk samples, and there was no observable effect on milk production, milk composition, animal health, or feed consumption. No data were available characterizing endpoints in livestock other than the limited oral data in bovine by O’Dell et al. (1970a,b). No data were available evaluating toxicity following inhalation, dermal, or other routes of exposure. Thus, additional data are required to characterize toxicity to livestock following exposures to nickel carbonate.