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IUPAC name:
Reaction mass of bis[2,4-bis(2-methylbutan-2-yl)phenyl] 4-(2-methylbutan-2-yl)phenyl phosphite and 2,4-bis(2-methylbutan-2-yl)phenyl bis[4-(2-methylbutan-2-yl)phenyl] phosphite and tris[4-(2-methylbutan-2-yl)phenyl] phosphite.
(4-t-amylphenyl)x (2,4-di-t-amylphenyl)3-x phosphite

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Molecular and structural information

Molecular formula:
Mixture of 4 components, the molecular formulae of which are:
C33 H45 O3 P, C38 H55 O3 P, C43 H65 O3 P and C48 H75 O3 P
Molecular weight:
> 520 - < 731
Structural formula:
Chemical structure