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The substance has no phys-chem properties requiring classification.

Since a,a,a',a'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-a,a'-diol is a transported intermediate, no further testing is required.

a,a,a',a'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-a,a'-diol is a white organic powder. So: The substance is not an aerosol nor a gas.

The melting range of α,α,α',α'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-α,α'-diol is134 - 139°C.

The calculated boiling range of α,α,α',α'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-α,α'-diol is 275.6-315.6°C at 760 Torr.

The relative density of α,α,α’,α’-tetramethyl-m-xylene-α,α-diol is 1.184.

Granulometry:There is no inhalation risk related to α,α,α',α'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-α,α-diol.

The calculated vapour pressure of α,α,α',α'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-α,α'-diol is 0.00068 Torr (=0.091Pa) at 25 °C.

The partition coefficient log Pow of α,α,α',α'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-α,α'-diol is 1.6.

The water solubility of α,α,α',α'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-α,α'-diol is 2.66 g/L at 20°C and pH 6.

No surface tension is expected.

α,α,α',α'-tetramethyl-m-xylene-α,α'-diol is non flammable, not self-reactive, not self-heating, non exposive and is not considered as an oxidizing substance.

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