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Sodium hydrogen fluoride is a white hexagonal crystalline solid.

The melting point is reported as > 160C. NaHF2 decomposes at >160C - 270C giving NaF and HF.

The density of sodium hydrogen fluoride is reported as 2.08.

25.52 % of the particles have a diameter of < 100 μm, 3.04 % of the particles have a diameter of < 10 μm and only 2.98% have a diameter of < 5 μm. Consequently, approximately 75% of the particles are not included in the inhalable convention because they have a diameter that ranges from 100 – 500 μm.

The solubility of sodium hydrogen fluoride at 20°C is reported as 3.25 g/100 g water. Consequently, the solubility in water at 20°C is 32500 mg/L and it is considered to be very soluble (> 10000 mg/L).

Sodium hydrogen difluoride is not classified as flammable under the harmonised classification according to Annex VI of Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 [the CLP Regulation].

According to an accepted and validated procedure for assessing explosiveness and oxidising properties on theoretical grounds sodium hydrogen fluoride is not considered to be an explosive nor oxidising substance.

The rest of the endpoints were waived (vapour pressure, partition coefficient, surface tension, flash point, auto flammability, stability in organic solvents, dissociation constant and viscosity).