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The substance is an odourless dark brown viscous liquid

Melting / Freezing point

The pour point of the test substance, as determined by ASTM D97 -09, is -6 °C.

Boiling point

The substance is a liquid which undergoes decomposition before boiling


The density of the test substance, determined by procedures given in ASTM D4052 -09, is 0.9925 g/mL at 15.6 deg. C

Vapour pressure

The vapour pressure of the test item has been determined to be 0.00035 Pa at 25°C and 0.05 Pa at 70°C

Octanol water partition coefficient

The partition coefficient of the test item has been determined to be >2.51E09, Log Pow > 9.4. By extrapolation of the calibration curve using the mean retention time of 85.174 minutes, the log Pow is > 11.7.

Water solubility

The water solubility of the substance is less than 4.93 mg/L at 20°C

Surface tension

Surface activity could not be determined.

Flash point/flammability

The flash point of the substance is >240 deg. C at 760 mmHg

The substance is not flammable.

Autoignition temperature

The autoignition temperature is 381°C at atmospheric pressure.


There are no chemical groups associated with explosive properties present in the molecule.

Oxidising properties

The substance does not contain any groups which are indicative for oxidising potential.

Stability in organic solvents

The substance is stable in corn oil for up to 14 days.


Thermal decomposition and overall weight loss onset occurs at 324 ˚C, excluding minimal solvent content.

Dissociation constant

As the substance does not dissolve in water a dissociation constant has not been determined.


Viscosity of the test substance is 1846cSt at 40 °C.