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Nonanal has been tested for ready biodegradability. It achieved 83% biodegradation after 28days in the OECD 301F Manometric Respirometry test and is regarded as readily biodegradable. In an inherent biodegradation test (OECD 302) high levels of ultimate biodegradation were also achieved (84 % after 28 days).

Further biotic degradation testing has not been conducted.

In accordance with REACH Annex IX column 2, simulation tests in surface water, sediment and soil are not considered necessary since Nonanal is readily biodegradable. In these circumstances, simulation tests will provide little additional information since rapid mineralisation in the environment is already assumed. In addition, the chemical safety assessment according to Annex I gives safe risk characterisation ratios at the regional scale and therefore half-life data from simulation tests is not required to further refine the environmental risk assessment.

Identification and/or the assessment of degradation products is not required as Nonanal is readily biodegradable. In these circumstances, it may be considered that any degradation products formed during such degradation would themselves be sufficiently rapidly degraded as not to require further assessment.