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Physical & Chemical properties

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Physico-chemical properties of vanadium carbide were determined in studies of the following endpoints:

(i) density,

(ii) granulometry by laser diffraction and dustiness testing,

(iii) water solubility testing according to OECD 105 and

(iV) flammability

Further endpoints (i.e. appearance, melting and boiling point) are based on handbook data and long time experiences in handling.

The applied handbook data for physico-chemical properties are from a trusted source acc. to "ECHA, Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment – Chapter R.7a: Endpoint specific guidance". Therefore, the applied handbook data are considered to be reliable.

The results of the studies are reported in robust study summaries and respective endpoint summaries. Data for several endpoints were waived based on the intrinsic properties of vanadium carbide and/or based on the criteria as laid down in regulation (EC) 1907/2008.