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Appearance: colourless till pale yellow liquid

Melting point: -21 °C  (OECD 102, EC A.1, GLP)

Boiling point: 242 - 245 °C     (OECD 103, EC A.2, GLP)

rel. Density:    0.89     (OECD 109, EC A.3, GLP)

Water solubility:         103 mg/l (20°C)           (OECD 105, EC A.6, GLP)

Vapour pressure:        1.4·10-2Pa (20°C)         (OECD 104, EC A.4, GLP)

Surface tension:         31 mN/m         (OECD 115, EC A.5, GLP)

Log Pow:         4.49     (EC A.8 / OECD 117, GLP)

Flash point:    111 °C (EC A.9, GLP)

Self-ignition:   260 °C (EC A.15, GLP)

The substance has either explosive nor oxidising properties

In conclusion: no classification and labelling of the substance necessary due to physical-chemical properties.