Registration Dossier

Administrative data

First-aid measures

Emergency measure - Inhalation: Move to fresh air. Seek medical advice.
Emergency measure - Eyes: Immediately rinse eyes with running water.
Emergency measure - Skin: After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of
water and soap.
Emergency measure - Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek
medical attention.

Fire-fighting measures

Recommended extinguishing agent: No restrictions.

Product arising from burning: Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides.

Product determined by test: N

Protective equipment: Fire-fighters should wear protective clothing including
selfcontained breathing apparatus.

Accidental release measures

Emergency measures in case of spillage: Sweep up spilled material; try to minimise formation of
dust; material must be released into sewers, drains or

Handling and storage

Handling: Do not breath dust. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. After
finishing work wash hands and face with water and soap. Use
dust masks, safety glasses, rubber gloves and protective
suit when handling the product outside the usual production

Storage: Avoid formation of dust. Take precautionary measures against
static discharges. Keep dry. Store in a dark place. Maximum
storage temperature: room temperature.

Packaging of the substance and or preparation: Alu compound bags.

Transport information

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Marine transport (IMDG)

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Air transport ICAO/IATA

Transport: Transport under the above mentioned storage conditions.
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Exposure controls / personal protection

Stability and reactivity

Danger other than fire: Dust explosion is possible.

Chemical reaction with water: None.

Dust explosion: Internal screening test gave positive results, as is to be
expected for organic powders.

Dust explosion determined by test: Y

Disposal considerations