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The Henry´s Law Constant H of the substance ‘Naphtha (petroleum), steam-cracked, C8-10 aromatic hydrocarbon fraction, alkylated and oligomerised’ (NAF-AO) [EC no. 701-299-7] (see Chap. 1) is estimated using measured values of vapour pressure and water solubility. With an average molecular weight of 300 g/mol, HLC is estimated to be 9 Pa m³/mol.

Key value for chemical safety assessment

Henry's law constant (H) (in Pa m³/mol):
at the temperature of:
20 °C

Additional information

An experimental value of the Henry's Law constant H is not available for the substance NAF-AO. As substitute, a value for H is derived using measured properties (vapour pressure at 1013 hPa and water solubility at 20 °C) of the substance in combination with an average molecular weight of the substance (complex hydrocarbon mixture).

Using a vapour pressure of 0.03 Pa (upper range of different technical products), a water solubility (WSF) of 1 mg C/L, and a molecular weight of 300 g/mol (average molecular weight of constituents), a Henry's Law constant of approx. 9 Pa*m³/mol is calculated.

H = VP / WS (WSF) x MW = 0.03 Pa / 1 mg/L x 300 g/mol = 9.0 Pa*m³/mol

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