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The substance is generally resistant to hydrolysis.


The aerobic biodegradability was predicted using Catabol M v5.10.8 . The caluclation model predicts the substance to be not readily biodegradable under aeorbic conditions.


Substance has a low potential for bioaccumulation (log Kow < 3)Thus, accumulation in organisms is not to be expected.

Adsorption / desorption

Using EpiSuite software the log Koc was calculated using the MCI method and the logKow method. The MCI method predicted the log Koc to be 2.6918 and the logKow method predicted the logKoc to be 2.3807. The log Kow estimation was based on a measured logKow. Therefore this value was regarded as most reliable and was chosen as key value for chemical safety assessment. Adsorption to solid soil phase is not expected.