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Ceftazidime dihydrochloride
Type of composition:
legal entity composition of the substance
State / form:
solid: particulate/powder
Reference substance:
Composition 1
PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Ceftazidime is currently classified for the environment as Acute Aquatic 1 and Chronic Aquatic 1, the substance is not readily biodegradable however 65% degradation was determined in a OECD 302B Zahn Wells test over a 14day period The substance has a estimated log Pow of non-ionic species of -3.36. Accoring to the ECOTOC Information to be considered in a weight-of-evidence-based PBT/vPvB assessment of chemicals (Annex XIII of REACH) 2014 one of the issues regarding the estimation of bioaccumulation is the state of ionisation (i.e. the ionised form being much less accumulated than the non-ionised form) and it is recommended for screening purposes that an estimation of log KOW should be made with the assumption of entirely non-ionised state of such a chemical to give a conservative prediction. Therefore based on the estimated value for the non-ionised form Ceftazidime dihydrochloride is not expected to be bioaccumulative.