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Ready biodegradability

Since the degradation was 72 % after 28 days but the degradation within the 10-d window was less than 60 % removal, the substance is considered to be “Readily Biodegradable, but failing 10day-window“.


Due to low water solubility no suitable analytical method could be developed to observe hydrolysis.


QSAR calculations were performed for the reaction educts as well as for several representative reaction structures. All estimated log Koc values were higher than 2.72 and most of the log Koc`s were in the range 10.5 - 22.2 which indicates (very) high lipophilicity and potentially irreversible binding to particles or surfaces. The reasonable worst case is to consider the lowest of these log Koc as key value as only for the substance with this log Koc bioavailability and exposure to organisms can be expected if at all.

Additional information

Inherent biodegradability

For the substance a degradation of 78 % after 28 days was observed. Thus the substance is considered to be "Inherently Biodegradable".