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Soil toxicity studies of fatty acids, tall-oil, manganese saltsare not available. Thus, read-across to the assessment entities soluble manganese substances and fatty acids, tall oil is applied since manganese cations and fatty acid anions determine its fate and toxicity in the environment.


Whereas fatty acids, tall oil has a low potential for toxicity to soil organisms, manganese cations, even though essential, appear to be toxic to microorganisms, invertebrates and plants.

Chronic effect concentrations are available for macroorganisms, plants and soil microorganisms, i.e. the lowest respective endpoints are the 28-d NOEC of 157 mg Mn/kg soil dw for Enchytraeus crypticus (annelid), the 23-d NOEC of 322 mg Mn/kg soil dw for Lactuca sativa (plant) and the 28-h NOEC of 207 mg Mn/kg soil dw for nitrogen mineralization. The lowest NOEC of 207 mg Mn/kg soil corrected for organic carbon content of 2.8 % amounts to 251 mg Mn/kg soil. On the contrary, soil arthropods do not appear to be sensitive to manganese since the lowest endpoint, i,e. the 28-d NOEC for Folsomia candida, is above 1000 mg/kg, the OECD test limit for soil toxicity tests.

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