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The substance is a semi-viscous clear light-yellow liquid with a mildly, sweet, medium sharp and paste-like odour at 20 °C and 1 atm. The freezing point lays in temperatures lower than -20 °C, whereas the boiling point was not determined since the substance degrades before boiling time. The density is 1.11 g/ml at 23.9 °C and the vapour pressure is lower than 49.5 Pa, at 25 °C. The surface tension was determined to be 36.66 mN/m at 22 °C. The substance is soluble in water (4230 mg/l) and its logPow is 1.9 showing a slightly greater affinity to the organic phase than the aqueous one. Moreover, it has an autoignition temperature of 378 °C at 1 atm, a flash point higher than 93.3 °C and it is not expected to be flammable, explosive or oxidising.