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Remarkable physical-chemical properties of 7-ACA:

- Molecular weight: 272.28

- 7-ACA is a solid white, odourless powder.

- 7-ACA has no melting and no boiling point at atmospheric pressure. It decomposes at ≥180 °C.

- The relative density is 1.51 at 20 °C.

-The mean particle size (by mass) is 139.9 µm.

- The vapour pressure is low: 2.1*10E-5 Pa at 20 °C.

- The log of the n-octanol/water partition coefficient is <-3.4 at pH4.

- The water solubility is 610.7 mg/L at 20.0 °C.

- The substance is not surface active.

- The self-ignition temperature is ca. 225 °C.

- The test item is not a flammable and not an explosive solid and it has not oxidizing properties.

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