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Physical state: Liquid.

Melting/freezing temperature: 3 °C.

Boiling temperature - The substance partially boils (potentially originating from its water content) from temperatures of approximately 116 deg C and then decomposes as heating continues.

Density: 0.9880 g/cm3 at 25°C

Particle size distribution: Not applicable

Vapour pressure: 1.0E-6 Pa at 25 deg C

Partition coefficient (Log10): 0.79

Water solubility: 0.1 g/L at 25 deg C

Surface tension: 33.3 mN/m at 20°C

Flash point: > 200°C at 1013 hPa

Flammability - Not classified

Explosiveness - Non explosive

Oxidising properties - Non oxidising

Stability in organic solvents - Not critical

pH: 6.8 (sol. 10%)

Viscosity: 361.0 cSt [mm2/s] at 25°C