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Metal carboxylates such as magnesium 2-ethylhexanoate are substances consisting of a metal cation and a carboxylic acid anion. Based on the solubility of magnesium 2-ethylhexanoate in water (107.4 g/L at 20 °C), a complete dissociation resulting in magnesium ions and 2-ethylhexanoate ions may be assumed under environmental conditions. Upon dissolution, magnesium and 2-ethylhexanoate ions determine the environmental fate of magnesium 2-ethylhexanoate. Based on available data for 2-ethylhexanoate, significant adsorption of 2-ethylhexanoate to solid soil phase is not expected and the substance occurs mainly in its anionic form under environmental conditions without evaporation from the water surface. Magnesium is highly mobile under all environmental conditions and occurs in solution as dissociated Mg2+ ions.

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