Registration Dossier

Diss Factsheets

Manufacture, use & exposure



Registration/ Notification status for the use:
use registered according to REACH Article 10; total tonnage manufactured/imported >=10tonnes/year per registrant
Manufacture name:
DMDS: Manufacture of the substance including destillation of the raw product and homogenisation of the distillate.
Contributing activity / technique for the environment
Name of activity / technique:
Environmental release category (ERC):
ERC1: Manufacture of the substance
Contributing activity / technique for workers
Name of activity / technique:
Process category (PROC):
PROC 1: Chemical production or refinery in closed process without likelihood of exposure or processes with equivalent containment conditions
Related assessment:
use assessed in an own CSR

Contributing scenario for the environment (related to workers activities)

Conditions of use for the environment

Technical and organisational conditions and measures

Contributing scenario for the workers

Conditions of use for workers

Product (article) characteristics

Physical form of the used product:
liquid, including paste/slurry/suspension

Amounts used (or contained in articles), frequency and duration of use/exposure

Technical and organisational conditions and measures

Other conditions affecting workers exposure

Place of use: