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Melting/freezing Temperature

Less than 2530.5 K using BS4633: Method for the Determination of Crystallizing Point, Method A1 of Commission Directive 92/69/EEC.

Boiling Temperature

Approximately 97% of Ethyl tetrahydrofurfuryl ether distilled over the range 424 to 4310.5 K at 100.75 to 101.30 kPa using the ISO/R 918 distillation method, Method A2 of Commission Directive 92/69/EEC.

Relative Density

0.934 at 20.00.5°C using the pycnometer method, Method A3 of Commission Directive 92/69/EEC.

Surface Tension

68.4 mN/m (1.04 g/l solution) at 20.00.5 •〔 by the ring method, based on ISO 304 and Method A5 of Commission Directive 92/69/EEC. Ethyl tetrahydrofurfuryl ether can be considered not to be surface active.

Water Solubility

300 g/l of solution at 20.00.5°C, using the flask method, Method A6 of Commission Directive 92/69/EEC.

Partition Coefficient

4.45 at 22.00.5°C, log10Pow0.648, using the shake-flask method, Method A8 of Commission Directive 92/69/EEC.

Abiotic Degradation, Hydrolysis as a Function of pH

Assessment of hydrolytic stability was carried out using Method C7 of Commission Directive 92/69/EEC. The results are shown in Table 0.1.

Table 0.1


Estimated half-life at 25°C


Greater than 1 year


Greater than 1 year


Greater than 1 year


Adsorption Coefficient

The adsorption coefficient (Koc) has been determined to be 21.3, log10Koc1.33, using the OECD draft guideline (July 1997): Estimation of the Adsorption Coefficient (Koc) on Soil and on Sewage Sludge using High Performance Liquid Chromatography.