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Trehalase was tested for aquatic toxicity, including read-across studies:

- Read-acroos to alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase was not toxic at the the tested concentration of 100 mg/L (58.3 mg aep/L) and thus, the NOEC was determined to be 100 mg/L (58.3 mg aep/L). The LC50 value could not be determined due to the absence of toxicity of the test compound at the tested concentration.


- Under the conditions of the test, trehalase batch PPT48569 was found not to be toxic to Daphnia magna at a nominal concentration up to 100 mg TOS/L (22.3 mg aep/L) after 48-h exposure. Thus, no 48-h EC50 could be calculated and must be > 100 mg TOS/L (> 22.3 mg aep/L).


- Read-across to alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase was inhibitory to the growth of Desmodesmus subspicatus at concentrations in excess of 12.5 mg/L corresponding to 1.3 mg active enzyme protein (aep)/mL. The EbC50 (72h) value is 24 mg/L and the ErC50 (24-72h) is 49 mg/L corresponding to 2.5 and 5.2 mg aep/L, respectively.

Due to the similarity between the two enzymes, similar results are expected for trehalase.

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