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Environmental fate & pathways

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Readily biodegradable

Log Koc = 6.973 -10.573

Additional information

Experimental data on the environmental fate and pathway of the substance is not available, therefore, data on analogue substances are used. Justification for Read Across is given in section 13 of IUCLID.

Biodegradation data on analogues show that the substance is considered as readily biodegradable but failing the 10 -d window. Taking into consideration that the substance is a UVCB, the 10 -day window can be waived and the pass levels can be applied for 28 days; the substance is therefore considered as readily biodegradable.

The calculated values of adsorption coefficient support that the substance has a high potential to adsorb onto sediment; however, these predictions must be taken with care since they are based on LogKow which does not fall (completely) in the applicability domain of the model. The fact that experimental results show a readily biodegradation of the substance, could suggest that the potential of the substance to adsorb to soil could be low.