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oxidising solids
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According to UN Recommendations on the TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS GOODS: Model Regulations Volume I, Rev. 19, New York and Geneva, 2015 and GESTIS Substance Database (information retrieved on 2017-08-30) phosphoric acid (CAS no. 7664-38-2) is not classified as oxidizing solid in Division 5.1. Considering phosphoric acid to be the worst case in regards of oxidizing properties, it can be assumed, that a phosphate group would not intensify oxidizing properties. The substance Disodium beta-glycerophosphat (CAS no. 819-83-0) has no oxidizing properties according to the screening criteria in the UN Recommendations on the TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS GOODS: Manual of Tests and Criteria, 6th edition, UN Test O.1.
See also the expert statement in the field "attached justification".

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