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phototransformation in air
Adequacy of study:
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2 (reliable with restrictions)
Rationale for reliability incl. deficiencies:
other: Accepted calculation method

Data source

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Bayer Industry Services (2006). Naphthalene-1.5-disulphonic acid CAS-No.81-04-9.|Calculation of |-Melting Point with MPBPWIN, v.1.41, 2000|-Boiling Point with MPBPWIN, v.1.41, 2000|-Vapour Pressure with MPBPWIN, v.1.41, 2000|-Water Solubility with WSKOWWIN, v.1.41, 2000|-Log Octanol-Water Partition Coefficient with KOWWIN v.1.67, 2000|-Indirect Photodegradation with AOPWIN v.1.91, 2000|-Henry´s Law Constant with HENRYWIN v.3.10, 2000|-Soil Adsorption Coefficient with PCKOCWIN v.1.66, 2000 |-Bioconcentration Factor with BCFWIN v.2.15, 2000.|-Mackay-Distribution Level I according to Mackay, D., 1991

Materials and methods

Principles of method if other than guideline:
Method: other (calculated): with AOPWIN, v.1.91
GLP compliance:

Test material

Constituent 1
Reference substance name:
Automatically generated during migration to IUCLID 6, no data available
Automatically generated during migration to IUCLID 6, no data available
Details on test material:
IUCLID4 Test substance: other TS: naphthalene-1.5-disulphonic acid

Study design

Details on test conditions:
Sensitiser (for indirect photolysis): OH
Sensitiser concentration: 500000 molecule/cm³

Results and discussion

Dissipation half-life of parent compound
12.7 d

Any other information on results incl. tables

Rate constant (for indirect photolysis):  0.00000000000127 cm³/(molecule*sec)
Degradation in % (for indirect photolysis):  50  after 12.7 day(s)

Applicant's summary and conclusion