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Aquatic invertebrates:

In the acute immobilization test with Daphnia magna (STRAUS), the effects of the test item Isoproylidenglycerolmethacrylate (IPGMA) were determined according to OECD 202 (2004), which is equivalent to the Council Regulation (EC) No.440/2008 Method C.2 (2008). The study was conducted under semi-static conditions with renewal of the test solutions in 24 hour intervals over a period of 48 hours with a limit concentration of 120 mg/L of the test item Isopropylidenglycerolmethacrylate (IPGMA). The tested concentration level was visually clear throughout the exposure period. Twenty daphnids (divided into 4 replicates with 5 daphnids each) were exposed to the test item concentration and the control. Based on the nominal test item concentration of the test item Isopropylidenglycerolmethacrylate (IPGMA), the 48 hour-EC50 for Daphnia magna was > 120 mg/L and 48 hour-NOEC was >= 120 mg/L. The geometric mean measured concentration was 113 mg/L.

Aquatic algae and cyanobacteria:

The toxicity of Isopropylidenglycerolmethacrylate (IPGMA) to the unicellular freshwater green alga Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata was determined according to the principles of OECD 201 and Council Regulation (EC) No. 761/2009 Method C.3. The study was conducted under static conditions with an initial cell density of 6305 cells/ml. A stock solution of 500 mg/L was freshly prepared with demineralized water and stirred for 15 minutes (1100 rpm, room temperature). Seven concentrations were tested in a geometrical series with a dilution factor of 3.2: 0.466; 1.49; 4.77; 15.3; 48.8; 156.3; 500 mg/L, corresponding to the geometric mean measured test item concentrations: 0.402 ;1.43; 4.90; 15.4; 53.3; 178; 558 mg/L. The environmental conditions were within the acceptable limits. The concentrations of the test item in all test concentrations and the control were analytically verified by GC-MS at the start and the end of exposure. Based on the geometric mean measured test item concentrations, the NOEC values (0-72 hours) for inhibition of growth rate and inhibition of yield were 15.4 mg/L and 1.43 mg/L. The EC50-values with 95% confidence intervals for inhibition of growth rate (ErC50) and yield (EyC50) after 72 hours were 402 (344 - 455) mg/L and 125 (104 - 148) mg/L, respectively.

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