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The multi-constituent substance " Reaction mass of dodecane-1-thiol and tridodecyl trithiophosphite" is a clear oily liquid with sulphur like mild odour at 101325 Pa and 20 °C. 

The melting point of the substance is 19.8 ° C and , after melting, the decomposition of test item starts at 300 °C with a peak at 337.98 °C correlated to ΔH= 58.16 J/g. Considering the low melting point of the substance, it is possible that just below 20 °C the substance starts to solidify. All tests performed for REACH registration purpose used the substance as liquid form. 

The experimental density of the compound is 0.895 g/cm^3 at T= 25 °C.

The test item is a liquid so the particle size is waived.

Some physical-chemical properties , such as vapour pressure and logKow, of this multi-constituent substance were estimated considering the SMILES notation for its most abundant component Tridodecyl trithiophosphite and their values are respectively 1.53* 10^-12 Pa at T= 25 °C and log Kow > 10. 

The multi-constituent substance "Reaction mass of dodecane-1-thiol and tridodecyl trithiophosphite" is slightly soluble in water (experimental water solubility: 96.3 mg/l T= 20 °C pH= 8.2).

Surface activity is not expected property for this substance.

The experimental flash point of the test item is higher than 200 °C so it is not autoflammable and it is not considered a flammable liquid according to the CLP Regulation (EC n.1272/2008).

This substance is not explosive and it is not oxidising considering the chemical structure of its main components (they do not contain explosive groups, oxygen or alogen atoms).