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genetic toxicity in vivo
Type of information:
experimental study planned
Study period:
An in vivo single-cell-gel-electrophoresis (Comet Assay) test to be conducted in the mouse by the oral gavage route of exposures is proposed. This study will be initiated following approval of the Test Plan by the ECHA.
Justification for type of information:
- Available GLP studies: None available
- Available non-GLP studies: None available
- Grouping and read-across: No suitable substitute
- Historical human data: None available
- (Q)SAR: Not applicable
- In vitro methods: None suitable to cover endpoint.
- Weight of evidence: None avaiable
- Substance-tailored exposure driven testing [if applicable]: Intermediate use substance

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according to
other: An in vivo single-cell-gel-electrophoresis (Comet Assay)

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