Registration Dossier

Administrative data

First-aid measures

INHALATION:Remove to fresh air. If breathing becomes difficult seek medical advice immediately.INGESTION:Wash out mouth with water, provided the person is conscious. Seek medical advice immediately.SKIN:Wash iwth copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Remove all comtaminated clothing. If irritation persists seek medical advice.EYES:In case of contact with the eyes, flush with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Ensure adequate flushing by separating the eyelids with the fingers. If irritation persists seek medical advice.

Fire-fighting measures

SUITABLE EXTINGUISHING MEDIA:Water, foram, CO2, Dry chemIcal powder.UNSUITABLE EXTINGUISHING MEDIA:NoneSPECIAL EXPOSURE HAZARD:Emits toxic fumes under fire conditions.PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT FOR FIRE FIGHTING:Wear self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing to prevent contact with skin and eyes.

Accidental release measures

PERSONNEL PRECAUTIONS:Use protective gloves, goggles and suitable protective clothing.ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTIONS:Avoid release into the environment. Sweep up, place in a sealed cotnainer and dispose of as chemical waste. Ventilate area and wash spill site after material pick up is complete.

Handling and storage

HANDLING:The product should be handled only by trained personnel.. Do not breathe dust. Do not get in eye, on skin or on clothing. Protective clothing should always be worn including gloves and eye protection.STORAGE:Sore in cool dry place, away from heat and light, in an airtight container.

Transport information

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Marine transport (IMDG)

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Exposure controls / personal protection

ENGINEERING CONTROL MEASURES:Mechanical exhaust, safety shower and eye bath required.RESPIRATORY PROTECTION:CE/NIOSH/NSHA approved respirator EN 136, filter EN 141HAND PROTECTION:Impervious gloves.EYE PROTECTION:Approved safety goggles EN166-170BODY PROTECTION:Protective clothing, Type 5 ENISO 13982, Type 6 ENISO 13034, EN 1149-1 Anti-static

Stability and reactivity

STABILITY:StableCONDITIONS TO AVOID:Heat and lightMATERIALS TO AVOID:Strong oxidising agents.HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS:When heated to decomposition,it emits toxic fumes of carbon and nitrogen dioxides.

Disposal considerations

GENERAL INFORMATION:Waste, residue, empty containers, discarded work clothes and used disposable towels must be collected in designated receptacles, labelled with contents.DISPOSAL METHODS:Dispose of container and residue as chemical waste by incineration.