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HMDTMP potassium salt will fully dissociate in aqueous solution and will behave no differently to the parent HMDTMP acid and its potassium counter ions at equivalent concentrations. It is not expected that the counter ion will contribute significantly to the overall toxicity of HMDTMP-xK. Therefore, the impact on aquatic organisms will be dominated by the affects of the HMDTMP acid.

Short-term marine toxicity data are available with the registered substance for fish and invertebrates. A 96 h LC50 value between >1000 and <3000 mg active acid/L and of 1000 mg active acid/L have been determined with Cyprinodon variegatus and Paleomonetes pugio respectively.

Short-term freshwater toxicity data are available with the structural analogue HMDTMP acid (CAS 23605-74-5) for fish and invertebrates. A 96 h LC50 value of 440 mg active acid/L with Onychorhyncuss mykiss and a 48 h EC50 value of 570 mg/L with Daphnia magna have been determined.

A data waiver is applicable to toxicity to aquatic algae and long-term data.

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