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The substance is a red powder at 1013 hPa and 20 °C.

Melting occurs between 124 and 149 °C; exothermic decomposition occurs between 278 and 357 °C with an energy release of 507.3 J/g.

The relative density was not determinable due to the solubility of the substance in various organic solvents. Granulometry analysis gave a MMD of 4.423 µm.

The substance has low solubility, i.e. below 20 mg/l, in water at 20 °C at pH 4.32. Average log Pow is 1.4420. Vapour pressure was estimated to be low, i.e. 7.06E-8 Pa at 25 °C.

Surface tension and flash point can be neglected.

Experimental data and/or known experience in handling and use indicate the substance as non flammable, non explosive and devoid of oxidising properties.

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