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The short-term EC50/LC50 values for Daphnia and algae were 2.6 and 30 mg/L, respectively as derived from a read across source substance. Further studies are not needed for this tonnage band.

Since the read across source substance showed highest ecotxicity in fish (96h-LC50= 0.73 mg/L), the fish study for the read across source substance was considered as well for conservative reasons.

Read across is made from CAS 147993-66 -6 (source) to the target substance CAS 90268-39-6. Both substances have a similar C-chain distribution but CAS 147993-66-6 has a higher content of unsaturated C18 (C18´) when compared to the substance CAS 90268-39-6. For this sulfosuccinates group, higher degree of unsaturation was associated with higher ecotoxicity of CAS 147993-66-6. CAS 147993-66-6 is the substance showing highest ecotoxicity in the monoester group. For the sake of being conservative read across is made from the more unsaturated substance (CAS 147993-66-6) to the more saturated substance (CAS 90268-39-6). Since the read across is considered to be conservative, assessment factors are not needed.

Further information is provided in the read acorss documentation in IUCLID chapter 13..