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The experimental 48h-EC50 of dodecyl lactate for Daphnia magna is 0.1 mg/L and the ErC50 of C12 -C15 lactate for Algae is > 1.8 mg/L. Acute toxicity to fish is estimated at 0.8 mg/L (ECOSAR v1.1). Based on ECOSAR v1.1 Class-specific Estimations, acute 48h-LC50 for daphnids ranges from 0.669 to 1.368 mg/L, whereas the 96h-EC50 for freshwater algae ranges from 0.378 to 0.630 mg/L. The experimental 48h-EC50 for Daphnia magna of 0.10 mg/L is significantly lower and may be partly due to the presence of dodecanol with an extrapolated 48h-EC50 of 0.08 mg/L. The lowest chronic value (ChV) calculated based onECOSAR v1.1 Class-specific Estimationsfor freshwater organisms was 0.04 mg/L for fish.

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