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chronic toxicity: dermal
Data waiving:
study scientifically not necessary / other information available
Justification for data waiving:
a short-term toxicity study does not need to be conducted because a reliable sub-chronic (90 days) or chronic toxicity study is available, conducted with an appropriate species, dosage, solvent and route of administration
Reason / purpose for cross-reference:
reference to other study

Data source

Materials and methods

Test material

Constituent 1
Chemical structure
Reference substance name:
aluminium(3+) nickel(2+) λ²-cobalt(2+) lithium(1+) tetraoxidandiide
EC Number:
Cas Number:
Molecular formula:
LiNiCoAlO2 where stoichiometry of Ni+Co+Al equals 1 and ranges are Li = 0.9 – 1.3, Co = 0.01 – 0.2, Ni = 0.75 – 0.99 and Al = 0.01 – 0.2
aluminium(3+) nickel(2+) λ²-cobalt(2+) lithium(1+) tetraoxidandiide

Results and discussion

Target system / organ toxicity

Critical effects observed:
not specified

Applicant's summary and conclusion