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Intermediate use only


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Joint Submission

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Registrant / Supplier Registered Updated
ACS DOBFAR S.p.A Viale Addetta 4/12 20067 Tribiano Milano Italy 2019
BASF SE Carl-Bosch-Str. 38 67056 Ludwigshafen am Rhein Rheinland-Pfalz Germany 2014 2017; 2018
CHEMSAFE srl on behalf of AZO INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL ltd Via Ribes, 5 10010 Colleretto Giacosa TO Italy 2019
EXPERIEN CHEMICAL SERVICES (IRELAND) LIMITED Unit 3D North Point House, North Point Business Park New Mallow Road T23AT2P Cork Ireland 2018
F.I.S. Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici S.p.a. Viale Milano, 26 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Veneto Italy 2017 2017
REACH24H CONSULTING GROUP Suite 1E, Paramount Court, Corrig Road, Sandyford Dublin 18 Dublin Ireland 2018

Registration Numbers open all close all

  • 01-2120059897-36-0000
  • 01-2120059897-36-0001
  • 01-2120059897-36-0002
  • 01-2120059897-36-0003
  • 01-2120059897-36-0004
  • 01-2120059897-36-0005

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