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Administrative data

Hazard for aquatic organisms


Hazard assessment conclusion:
PNEC aqua (freshwater)
PNEC value:
0.189 mg/L
Assessment factor:
1 000
PNEC freshwater (intermittent releases):
1.89 mg/L

Marine water

Hazard assessment conclusion:
PNEC aqua (marine water)
PNEC value:
0.019 mg/L
Assessment factor:
10 000


Hazard assessment conclusion:
PNEC value:
31.6 mg/L
Assessment factor:

Hazard for air

Hazard for terrestrial organisms

Hazard for predators

Additional information

Aquatic PNECs

Data has been obtained from studies conducted with TMPDE and TMPME, based on this data a weight of evidence approach is used. Endpoints from one fish, three Daphnia and two algal growth inhibition studies are available. The lowest reported endpoint was the 48-hour EC50 of 189 mg TMPDE/L. THe following PNECs were calculated using this endpoint:

PNEC Aqua (freshwater) - Based on an assessment factor of 1000, the PNEC is 0.189 mg/L.

PNEC Aqua (marine water) - Based on an assessment factor of 10000 the PNEC is 0.0189 mg/L.

PNEC Aqua (intermittent releases) - Based on an assessment factor of 100 the PNEC is 1.89 mg/L.


The NOEC from the respiration inhibition study was 316 mg/L. Based on an assessment factor of 10 and an endpoint of 316 mg/L the PNEC STP is 31.6 mg/L.

Conclusion on classification

No classification is triggered based on available data, according to EEC Council Directive 79/831/EEC Annex VI, Part II (D) as described in Commission Directive 93/21/EEC or Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.