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The physico-chemical properties of Alkylated Naphthalene have been reviewed and summarized in the table below.

Physico-chemical Properties of Alkylated Naphthalene



Appearance/physical state/colour

Clear amber slightly viscous liquid

Melting point/ freezing point

-71 °C (202 K)

Boiling point

No boiling point was determined as reaction and/or decomposition happened before boiling

Relative Density


Particle size distribution (Granulometry)

N/A (data waiving)

Vapour pressure

<8.4E-7 Pa at 20 °C (293 K)

<2.2E-6 Pa at 25 °C (298 K)

Partition coefficient (log Pow)


Water solubility

<3.75 µg/l at 20 °C

Surface tension

N/A (data waiving)

Flash point 

208 °C

Auto flammability

Auto-ignition temperature: 385 °C at 1014.4 – 1018.7 hPa


Not explosive

Oxidising properties

Non oxidising

Stability in organic solvents

N/A (data waiving)

Dissociation constant

N/A (data waiving)