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In REACH Guidance R.7C Table R.7.11-2, it is stated that β€œIt will normally not be possible to derive a robust PNEC for the purposes of a soil screening assessment from acute aquatic toxicity testing showing no effect. This is, particularly true for poorly soluble substances. Where the water solubility is <1 mg/l, the absence of acute toxicity can be discounted as reliable indicator for potential effects on soil organism due to the low exposures in the test. The absence of chronic or long-term effects in aquatic organisms up to the substance solubility limit, or of acute effects within the solubility range above 10 mg/L can be used as part of a Weight-of-Evidence argument to modify/waive the data requirements of Annex IX and X.” Therefore, if no long-term effects in aquatic organisms up to the water solubility are observed in the proposed test performed according to OECD testing guideline 210, long-term terrestrial tests will be proposed.