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Solubility of the test substance in water

The test substance was considered as highly insoluble in water (<0.0055 µg/L at 20°C) based on the water solubility determination of another UVCB containing the test substance.

Available ecotoxicological dataset

A summary of the ecotoxicological dataset available on the test substance is provided in the table here after.

Guideline Species Basis for effect Effect concentration (mg/L)
Short-term toxicity to fish OECD 203 Oncorhynchus mykiss Mortality 96h-LL50 > 100
Short-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates OECD 202 Daphnia magna Mobility 48h-EL50 > 100
Toxicity to aquatic algae OECD 201 Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata Growth rate and biomass 72h ErL50 > 100
Idem 72h-NOELR = 100 
Toxicity to microorganisms OECD 209 Activated sludge Respiration 3h-EC50 > 100

The methods for preparing the test solutions were designed to achieve the maximum water soluble fraction of the test material. For all organisms studied, no effects were observed at the maximum test concentration used. Therefore, it can be concluded that the test substance has no effects at the water solubility limit.