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The substance is powder at ambient temperature, with low volatility. In water, it is very soluble, and more dense, so likely to sink, and can exhibit surface-active properties. It has low potential for bioaccumulation.

It is not classified as hazardous with regard to physical hazards (flammability, explosivity, oxidising properties) based on CLP criteria.

Summary of relevant physico-chemical properties of the MEXORYL SCK:




MEXORYL SCK is a beige powder at ambient temperature

Melting range

Decomposition of MEXORYL SCK started at about 207 °C before melting occurred.

Boiling point

Decomposition of MEXORYL SCK started at about 207 °C before boiling occurred.

Relative density

The relative density of MEXORYL SCK was determined to be D20/4 = 1.454.


The percentage of MEXORYL SCK having an inhalable particle size of less than 100 μm was determined to be 0.92%w/w.

Vapour pressure

The vapour pressure of MEXORYL SCK was determined to be 6.5 x 10-7Pa at 25°C (extrapolation).

Log Kow

The partition coefficient, log POW, of MEXORYL SCK was calculated from the individual solubilities in n-octanol and in water, respectively, to be:

log POW = log10 [(<71.97 mg / L) / (>531866.13 mg / L) ] < -3.87 at 21.5°C

The pH in the aqueous phase was determined to be 5.7.

Water solubility

The water solubility of MEXORYL SCK was determined to be > 531.9 g/L at 21.5°C and a pH of 5.7

Surface tension

The surface tension of MEXORYL SCK in water (at a concentration of about 1 g/L) was determined to be 48.5 mN/m at 19.8 °C.

Based on the criteria as outlined in the EEC Guideline and the results of this study, Mexoryl SCK has to be considered as a surface active substance.

Self-ignition temperature

no self ignition temperature was observed up to approximately 400°C


MEXORYL SCK could not be ignited with a flame during the preliminary test. Therefore, MEXORYL SCK was not considered as flammable under the experimental conditions used.


Based on a DSC analysis, the total decomposition energy (determined between room temperature and 500 °C) was found to be about 467 J/g < 500 J/g. Therefore, MEXORYL SCK was not to be classified as explosive material

Oxidising properties

MEXORYL SCK is considered to have no oxidizing properties based on the results of an experimental study according to EU method A17..