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Acid Blue 083 is an organic compound and at 20 °C and 1013 hPa it is a blue powder. Using the laser light scattering method, a mass median diameter value for particles was found: 39.295 µm.

The evaluation of thermal properties was based on a DSC analysis: a melting point and a boiling point were not detected; the substance decomposes between 212 and 261 °C.

Relative density could not be determined precisely due to flotation effect. The value found using a pycnometer method was 1.225 at 20 °C.

The substance is moderately soluble in water at room temperature and it forms a stable solution with water. The average water solubility value was 0.21 g/l at 20 °C and at pH 5.77.

The Powvalue was 0.1192 and the log Powvalue was -0,9300. These results were obtained at 20 °C and at pH 5.23.

No reactions with water or emission of flammable gases have ever been noted. Furthermore, for soluble dyes a reaction with water is not a desirable property from the use point of view. Therefore, Acid Blue 083 is not expected as a substance that in contact with water may react emitting flammable gases.

The substance is also an air-stable compound at room temperature over a prolonged period of time (days), without noticeable or undesirable reactions: a potential for spontaneous ignition is not expected.

Despite the substance contains chemical groups associated with explosive properties, the substance was classified non explosive and incapable of reacting exothermically with combustible materials, on the basis of the calculated oxygen balance (that is less than -200) and its chemical structure.