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Data on the acute aquatic toxicity of one member of this category (68476-55-1) were obtained from a proprietary source. No data were identified in the published literature. The data from this stream have been read across to the other category members.

The studies were conducted to standard guidelines and according to GLP and so are considered fully reliable for use as key studies. The authors report the results based both on nominal loading rates (WAF) and mean measured concentrations. As the test substance is a hydrocarbon stream with various components reporting a measured concentration could be misleading as the measured concentration does not relate to a concentration of the raw stream. Instead, we have used the results reported as WAF, which better represent the potential toxicity of the test substance. Algae were found to be less sensitive than both invertebrates and fish which had similar sensitivity to the test substance (EL50 6.96 mg/L WAF and LL50 14.1 mg/L WAF respectively).

Chronic fish and invertebrate NOELRs were predicted using the Petrotox model and using the composition described in the CIP. The chronic fish NOELR was predicted to be 1.4 mg/l and the chronic invertebrate NOELR was predicted to be 2.44 mg/l.

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