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Quinidine is a contact sensitizer. In the case reports, all patients became sensitized after exposure. But quinidine is not irritating to eyes since the read across substance quinine bisulphate has been used for a number of years as a clarifier of corneal opacities and to improve granular ophthalmia.

Additional information

Sensitisation data:

For testing the skin sensitisation, patients expected to be sensitive to quinidine were tested with a standard patch test. All three patients reacted to quinidine sulphate as crystals, in solution and as flakes. Fifteen dermatitis patients (controls) were negative to a 0.5 % aqueous solution of quinidine sulphate. The patients became sensitized after exposure.

Exposure related observations in humans:

Quinine bisulphate ointment has been used for a number of years as a clarifier of corneal opacities through its destruction of lymphocytes and leukocytes. In the two case reports a 2 % quinine bisulphate ointment was used post-operative to improve the regeneration. Furthermore, experiments have shown that quinine is one of the most effective antiseptics. Therefore, quinine bisulphate powder was used to improve granular ophthalmia. In all five case reports the eyes improved rapidly, the granulations became smaller and the intolerance of light disappeared completely within four days after using the quinine bisulphate powder. Thus, it can be conclude that quinine is not irritating to eyes. We conclude that quinidine which is a stereoisomer of quinine is also not irritating.