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NITE 2010: Concentrations of various substances, inter alia melamine, in water, sediment and aquatic wildlife at different locations in Japan were monitored. The detected concentrations were relatively low in water or bottom sediments, but relatively high in fish of lakes and marshes.


Qin 2010: Water, soil and crop samples from 21 provinces in China were investigated. Soils nearby and waste waters from melamine-manufacturing factories were examined, and the highest melamine concentrations in waste water and soil samples were 226.766 and 41.136 mg/kg, respectively. Six of 94 irrigation water samples had melamine at a concentration of 21-198 µg/L. In the rest of the 88 irrigation water samples, melamine concentrations were below the detection limit.

Only 1 sample collected from 124 farmlands farther than 150 km from melamine factories was detected for melamine at a content of 176 µg/L, while in the rest of the farmland soil samples no melamine was detected. Only 3 out of 557 crop samples were contaminated with more than 1 mg/kg melamine, with the highest level of 2.05 mg/kg in a wheat sample. Most concentrations measured were low, the majority were <100 µg/kg.