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Benzoates Category

Justifications and discussions

Category definition:
The Benzoates Category is composed of a number of structurally-related substances which are rapidly metabolized to benzoic acid. As benzoic acid is the ultimate metabolite that enters the Hippuric Acid excretion pathway, it is the key member of the benzoates category. The grouping of benzoates as a category has been used extensively in the evaluation of various members for sensitive end-uses, including use as a food ingredient. Consistently, data from members of the category have been used to fill data gaps for other members of the category.
Category rationale:
Benzoic acid is the key member of the Benzoates Category, as it is the ultimate metabolite that enters excretory pathways. Benzyl alcohol is the farthest upstream member, having to be metabolized to benzaldehyde before going to benzoic acid. Benzyl acetate and sodium benzoate are both directly converted to benzoic acid.