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The physical and chemical properties of elemental tin have been determined experimentally. Elemental tin is a grey-white odourless solid at room temperature. The melting point of elemental tin is 231.9 °C. Elemental tin has a density of 7.31 at 20 °C, vapour pressure of 1.0 Pa at 1224 °C, a boiling point of 2507 °C. No partition coefficient was determined since only inorganic tin is addressed in this dossier. The water solubility of elemental tin is 0.004 mg/L at 20 °C.

Elemental Tin is not classified as "highly flammable" (i.e. a non flammable solid). Elemental tin acid is not classified as being flammable to contact with water and is regarded as not being pyrophoric.

Testing waivers have been submitted for surface tension, partition coefficient, flash point, explosive properties, oxidising properties, dissociation constant and viscosity as these studies are not technically feasible with elemental tin. A waiver for stability in organic solvents has also been submitted based on a lack of scientific justification.

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